Guest blog by Sigrið Nicodemussen.

Bullet Journal – July 2018. Hello again! Many of you have seen the Friday’s Video ”Bullet Journal – June 2018”, and I had planned to film another video about the month of July. However, something didn’t really work out when I tried to film it. So, in this blog I will show you pictures of the final look. I am also going to explain what I’ve used and why I’ve changed something.



Pictures you’ve sent!

I also want to say thank you for the pictures of your Bullet Journals!

I hope to receive more pictures from you (you can send them to on FB/IG/SC or to me, Sigrið, on FB). I love seeing and hearing from you who have started Bullet Journaling! Here are some pictures we recieved:




The month of July

  • Material

This is what I used to do the month of July:

Brush Pens from 2×3 in Thorshavn


Sticker’s book and pens from BR


Sticker’s numbers and washi tape from Søstrene Grene, SMS


Sketchbook and brush pen from Gamla Bókahandli


Tape and pen from Rit & Rák, SMS







Front page – Calender

On the front page is an imagine of Ephesians 5:1-2a (from GirlDefined). Then we see a calender. I think this one is better than the one made for the month of June. This is only a suggestion, though. You can do what you think is best. At the bottom page are two stickers.




First Opening – Favorite Verse

On these pages I have a big sticker and ”favortie verse this month”. To the right is a mood tracker, where five stars are the highest. At the bottom are books, since July is in the middle of the summer vacation which gives us a good opportunity to read Christian books! ”Ideas” at the bottom is for the books I’d like to read next.




Second Opening – Reading Plan

The Bible reading plan is placed here compared to June’s set up. Here you can write what you’re going to read. In June I wrote ”Ruth 1-2! the first day, and ”Ruth 3-4” the second day.




Third Opening – Prayer Requests

Then we have prayer requests. Now everything isn’t just white – I’ve chosen to put it in sections (family, future, friends, my spiritual life etc.)

On the bottom is ”prayer requests from others”. When people ask us if we can pray for something or someone, we often tend to answer ”yes, sure!” but I know from myself that I’ve often forgot to actually pray for what they asked for. Therefore it is good to have a place where you can write down those requests!

”ACTS” is written to the right. This is a method of how we can pray.

  • Adoration” – Praise God for who he is!
  • Confession” – Admit and confess your sins and ask for God’s forgiveness
  • Thanksgiving” – Thank God for everything He has done
  • “Supplication” – Bring requests for yourself and others to God.

I think many Christian often focus most on the last step, supplication, but we should also be able to have the A, C and T in our prayers.



Fourth Opening – Thanksgiving

This leads us to thanksgiving. This is written right after the prayer requests. I thought it looked good to have a singing-bird-sticker on the page too. To the right we see “goals for July”. It is possible to answer and write “yes” or “no” if the goal is accomplished. At the bottom is written “How can I improve?”.




Fifth Opening – What Is God …

Here we see two pages where I’ve written ”What is God teaching me this month?” I thought it was better to have two pages to this subject – in June I only had one page.




Sixth Opening – Inspiration

Lastly I’ve written “inspiration” on two pages. You could write helpful song lyrics or quotes here.




The Month of May

This was the month of July, but I also quickly want to show you the month of May. Everything was written in English here.


Good luck writing and drawing!

Sigrið Nicodemussen


Link to Bullet Journal – June 2018, if you haven’t seen the video:

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