Hi! Welcome to the blog called Vakurleiki.fo! “Vakurleiki” is the faroese word for beauty. Please check out this blog and pay me a visit on Youtube. – It might even put a smile on your face!


Who am I?

My name is Dina Jensdóttir Norðberg and I am 25 years old. I am a Christian, Faroese and creative blogger and Youtuber. By the way, I love coffee and Ice creame. I usually work as a teacher, but right now I am taking some time off.


“Today I need a little coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus!”


What is when?

  • On tuesday a short video is posted on Youtube about a Biblical topic.
  • On thursdays we post blogs.(Outfit, short stories, blogs or guest blogs).
  • On fridays every once in a while a fun or creative video is posted on Youtube.


What is the goal?

The goal with this blog is first and foremost to talk about my Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Also I want to create more Faroese media material, which is christian, creative and fun.

My prayer is that the material will be available both in soundfiles, texts and videos. So that all people unhindered can read, see or hear, what is shared on this blog.

Benita og Heidi, outfit 6





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Sosial media

YouTube, Instagram Vakurleiki.fo, Instagram Dinovinir, Official Facebook side, Facebook group, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tellonym, Soundcloud, Twitter


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