Believer's Bible Commentary - MacdonaldBeliever’s Bible Commentary (William Macdonald):
 “This book is a Bible commentary, who is big and heavy. This makes it difficult to carry around in your bag, and there for it is good that the wisom from the bood can be carried in your memory. The book contains a lot of knowledge and facts, who can help you understand God’s word better. William Macdonald has written a comment to every chapter and many verses in the Bible, who he then has collected into a book. There are also other good tools in the bible as a overview, lists, maps and images. The book is cronological with the bible. She has some comments before every chapter, and then the verses have comments as well. The book is very good and encouraging., and it can be bought at the local Faroese store named Logos Bókahandil.” – Ester Østerø
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